You doin’ ok, pal?

Play Your Way Sane:

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans were experiencing record levels of loneliness and anxiety. But improvisation teachers have long known that the human mind could be trained to be effortlessly spontaneous and intuitive. So what better way to feel better than play?


Next Level Self-Help

Clay’s research explores improvisation's effects on consciousness and cognition while comparing these theories to current findings in cognitive neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy. In short, this stuff is all backed by research and science to give you the best results.


“Yes and…”

Divided into twelve fun sections, including “Killing Debbie Downer” and “Thou Shalt Not Be Judgy,” the games emphasize openness, reciprocation, and active listening as the keys to a mindful and satisfying life.

Whether you’re looking to improve personal relationships, find meaning at work, or just survive our trying times, Play Your Way Sane offers serious self-help with a side of Second City sass.
"In Play Your Way Sane, Clay Drinko provides a needed gift for turbulent times: a set of practices that open the heart, ease the mind and provide agency and opportunity. If you're feeling stuck, tired or out of control, buy this book and play these games. You will be grateful that you did."

Kelly Leonard

Executive Director of Insights and Applied Improvisation at Second City
"This book is as informative as it is hilarious. The author is knowledgeable and authentic, with a wicked sense of humor. (The cheeky chapter titles are a personal favourite). 
Packed full of practical and unique activities. 
A must have for anyone with anxiety or panic disorder."

Claire Eastham

Author of We're All Mad Here
"Play Your Way Sane is the book we need now--with methods to make sense of madness and find joy in spite of anxiety. In a time without live theater, Drinko makes the world our stage in a voice that is wry, funny, and sincere."

Eric Rosen

Director and Playwright
"It's like David Sedaris wrote the self-help book you didn't know you needed and now cannot live without."

Rachel Friedman

Deputy Director
"I thought I was familiar with improvisation, but I have been blown away by the exercises in this book and how they have improved my life. I have been challenged not only as an artist and parent but on a personal level I have learned to thrive in uncertainty."

Claybourne Elder