What to do when bored and alone</p>

Many of us are self-isolated and social distancing like champions. But that means many of us are alone. And bored as hell. And now we're hearing rumors that this could be the new normal...until as late as August. So I've created a list of everyday games (some old, some new) and activities to answer what to do when bored and alone.

Keep checking back, and I'll keep adding to the list...until we can leave our houses and mix and mingle old school style.

Games to Play When You're Bored and Alone

What to do when bored and alone? Here are some games and activities to try. Good luck out there, kids.

1. Take a Hike

Estimated Fun Time: 30 minutes

If possible, leave the house and get some fresh air. Pretend you're hiking up Mount Everest. Oooh and ahhh at the marvels of nature.

You can also try this inside your apartment or house. It will just take some added imagination.

2. The Good Book

Estimated Fun Time: 10 minutes

Pick up a journal or some scrap paper if times are really tough. Then collect your positive musings and thoughts. Write down what you're grateful for and anything that makes you happy.

We're going to need to keep practicing our positive thinking.

3. Mirror Mirror

Estimated Fun Time: 5 minutes

Look at yourself in the mirror and then play follow the leader with yourself. The trick: try not to lead.

This game gets trippy if you really let yourself go.

4. Call it Like You Sees It

Estimated Fun Time: 5 minutes

Walk around and point at things. Then call them whatever they are. See a chair? Point and say "chair." See a tree? "Tree."

This will help you take your mind off of the end of days and help you be...wherever you really are.

5. Call it Like You Don't

Estimated Fun Time: 5 minutes

Just like Call it Like you Sees It only you point at things and call them the wrong name.

6. Nostril Party

Estimated Calm Time: 5 minutes

What to do when bored and alone is important, but we can't forget about what to do when bored and alone and freaking out. The next few exercises will help you calm the hell down.

For Nostril Party, place a finger and thumb over your nostrils. Just make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after!

Plug one nostril and breathe out and in with the other. Then switch nostrils and repeat.

Do this for five cycles to feel calmer and more zen in the face of...whatever the hell is going on right now.

7. Birthday Cake Hands

Estimated Calm Time: 5 minutes

Pretend your hand is a cake and your fingers are the candles. Desperate times...

Then exhale to blow one of your candle-fingers out. Place that finger down. Repeat with your other fingers.

It may not be your birthday, but hopefully, you're feeling a little calmer.

8. Trace your Hand

Estimated Calm Time: 5 minutes

As you trace one hand with a finger from your other hand, breathe in as you trace up a finger and out as you trace down. Repeat with all fingers.

Yay! You're calm now.

9. Nope, Try Something Else

Estimated fun time: 1 minute

When you catch yourself thinking something crappy, stop yourself midthought and literally say, "Nope."

Then see what new thought enters your dome.

Become your own best thought police.

10. Dance Party

Estimated fun time: 15 minutes

Turn on some Lizzo and dance, girl, dance.

"Hey Google, play Lizzo."

11. The Go Go People

Estimated fun time: 15 minutes

Now is the perfect time for getting organized. It's Spring, we're trapped at home, and we've got nothing but time.

Instead of avoiding projects on your to do list, play the Go Go People. Just pretend you have to move as quickly as possible without thinking while you clean out the fridge or the basement. Time yourself and then Go Go...go.

So fun.

12. TV Scavenger Hunt

Estimated fun time: 30 minutes

Make a list of objects. Get silly with it. Then watch TV looking for those objects. when you find them...you win.

What if you don't find them? Who cares? What else are you gonna do?

13. Real World Scavenger Hunt

Estimated fun time: 30 minutes

Make a list of objects. Then walk around your house or yard and try to find them.

Yay! Life is so fun right now.

14. Marie Kondo your Life

Estimated fun time: 1 week

Go through every single item you own...in your entire house or apartment. Get rid of anything that doesn't make you happy.

Careful now...it seems like the end of days, so make sure the object makes you unhappy and not, you know...just life in general.

Take a photo of your immaculate home. This won't last forever.

15. Drinking Game

Estimated fun time: 1 hour

Choose a secret word. Then turn on the TV and wait for someone to say that word. Each time they do, you can high-five yourself. Or cheer. Or drink if you're into that kind of thing.

But if you're drinking...don't choose "the."

Or do. I don't know your life.

16. Instahike

Estimated fun time: 30 minutes

Grab your phone and head out the door. Or stay in, if you don't have a yard.

Then snap pics of all the magical things you find. New blossoms and buds, puddles, or a funny-shaped rock. Doesn't really matter. What makes the difference is turning all these pics into a hilarious Instagram story.

So sassy.

17. The Lava Game

Estimated fun time: 5 minutes

Remember when you were a kid and pretended the house was slowly filling with lava, so you had to jump up onto the furniture.

Yeah, do that again.

18. Cookbook: Survivor's Edition

Estimated fun time: 1 hour

Pretend you're on a cooking show whose premise is that everyone in the world went bonkers and started hoarding food, so you don't have all the usual ingredients.

Then you have to use whatever you have to make a delicious meal.

What a wacky premise for a show, right?

19. Quill and Ink

Estimated fun time: 30 minutes of writing; weeks of anticipation

Write people old fashioned letters, mail them, then wait for someone to write back.

Ye ole' fun!!!

20. Fitness Challenge

Estimated fun time: 30 minutes

Imagine all the gyms are closed and you have to work-out while stuck in your house. I know, right?

Choose one exercise. Let's say push-ups. Then do more and more of them every day until you are allowed to leave your house.

Now it's a game and your prize is buffness.

21. Lip Synch Battle

Estimated fun time: 2 hours

Choose a fun song and prepare a lip synch. Learn all the words and come up with some choreography. Then have a lip synch battle...with yourself.

22. Rap Battle

Estimated fun time: 2 hours

Be like Rita Wilson and learn all the words to the rap song of your choice.

23. Dancing Queen

Estimated fun time: 1 hour

Choreograph an entire dance routine. Rehearse and perform...for yourself.

24. Circus Fun

Estimated fun time: 10 minutes

Balance things on your finger, on your head, on your nose. Pretend you're a circus clown. I don't know...you're bored.

25. Fashion Show

Estimated fun time: 20 minutes

Take a scarf or blanket. Come up with as many runway looks as you can think of by transforming it into gowns, dresses, and headwraps. Then work the runway.

26. Two Words

Estimated fun time: 15 minutes

Pipecleaner Jewelry.

27. Make a List

Estimated fun time: 30 minutes

Make a "what to do when bored and alone" list. Check it twice.

28. Garden

Estimated fun time: 1 day labor; weeks of waiting impatiently for things to sprout

Plant some herbs, vegetables, or flowers. Tend to them and watch them grow.

29. Plan

Estimated fun time: 30 minutes

Make a detailed plan for what you would do in the zombie apocalypse. Where would you go? Who would go with you? What would you bring? Details matter here. It's your survival we're talking about!

30. Picnic

Estimated fun time: 2 hours

Gather and prep some food for a picnic. Lay down a blanket and arrange things nicely. Some flowers would be nice. Enjoy your picnic for one. Try to contain your unbridled enthusiasm.

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