Life should be fun!<br />
Lame resolution: go to the gym more. Awesome resolution: make life fun by strategically playing your way more mindful, joyous, and connected each and every month.<br />
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Lame resolution: go to the gym more. Awesome resolution: make life fun by strategically playing your way more mindful, joyous, and connected each and every month.

It's the end of another year, and I'm contemplating my resolutions for the new year. I know I should drink more water, exercise more, and jump back into meditating. And I'll definitely try my best on those fronts, but I think a much better way to approach our resolutions is by going back to basics: life should be fun.

That's right. That's where I'm starting this new year--with the core belief that life should be fun.

So each month I have a new mini-resolution to help me become more mindful, joyous, and connected all year long. AKA I'm going to try to make life fun again.

I hope you'll join me as I play my way through this year with a new lesson every month.

January: Set the Stage

If we really believe life should be fun, we have to start opening our eyes to what's already going on all around us.

That's why I'm starting January by setting the stage and trying to become more mindful of the world around me.

I've created everyday games that will help you observe your surroundings, explore your environment, and start helping you to enjoy the journey.

And that seems a logical start to making life a little bit more enjoyable.

February: Calm the Hell Down

Life is never going to be much fun if we're all amped up on stress, anxiety, worry, fear, refined sugars, and a dream.

So in February, I'm playing all month to become calmer and more centered.

Breathe in and breathe out. And set a good foundation for a happier life.

March: Find the Game

This lesson really gets to the heart of making life more fun.

This March, I'm going to be practicing finding the game in my everyday experience.

That could mean imagining I'm an alien when I'm on a crowded street, counting red cars, or playing make-pretend that there are helicopters just waiting to shower me with cash.

It's all about getting silly, becoming more playful, and reconnecting with my childlike wonder.

If life should be fun, finding the game seems like a crucial ingredient to me.

April: Get and Stay Positive

I'm not gonna lie. I can be really cranky. And angry. Ragey. And even rude sometimes.

I'm not proud of it, but it's certainly something to work on if I want my life to be more fun. Because each second I'm ragey is another second that I'm opposite-of-fun.

So, this April I'm going to be playing my way more positive. Whether that means putting a positive spin on things, keeping a gratitude journal, or whispering sweet, positive nothings to my reflection each morning, the result is the same: I'm going to practice positivity this year.

May: Be Less Judgmental

Another way to have more fun this year is to stop being so judgmental! When we're judgmental, we're really just putting up barriers between us and other people. Not a great way to have much fun.

So May is all about playing my way less judgmental. I'm going to be stopping myself in my tracks whenever I have a judgmental thought and playfully practicing being more curious and interested in others.

Summer is approaching. Birds are chirping. I'm not going to let myself fester by being all judgy and meany-faced. It's time to be less judgmental.

June: Make Others Look Good

Being less judgmental is great, but this June I'm taking it to the next level by making others look great and reframing how I think about them. No longer will they be obstacles or annoyances; I'm going to practice thinking of others as unicorns, poets, and wise-old teachers.

I truly believe that the better the people around us look, the better our new years will be. Less conflict. Less self-conscious emotions. And less negativity.

We're halfway through the year and well on our way to a much more fun life.

July: You're not Special

You may be thinking that summer is the perfect time to think you're special.

I'm gonna have to disagree. Instead of going through yet another year where I think I am somehow better than anyone else, I'm aiming to reset my perspective this year. I'm going to play my way not special.

What do I mean?

When we think we're special, we also kind of think that other people aren't. By thinking of ourselves as just one little speck in a beautiful-billions-of-people world, we can start to open ourselves up to those billions of people.

I'm really just saying that you're mama was wrong. You're not any more or less special than anyone else, and to practice that mindset this month, I'm going to imagine I'm a lemming and try to become an integral part of whatever group I'm in instead of trying to be special.

This may not be your usual resolution, but I think it's going to open your eyes to the world around you and help you stop being so egotistical. And that seems like a lot more fun to me.

August: Listen Better

Another way I'm going to be making life more fun this year is by working on my listening skills this August.

How might listening lead to fun?

Well, to me, fun is all about collaborating and playing well with others. It's not about conflict and drama.

No thanks.

So this August, join me as I pause and reflect, repeat, and clarify, so that I can have way more fun with others and get that gold star in my mad listening skills.

September: Say Yes More

This year I learned that I often say no to avoid struggle and messes. But life is all about struggle and messes.

So when it makes sense and matches my values, I'm going to try to say yes more this month.

I'm going to nod my head and cheerlead other's ideas and embrace the uncertainty that "Yes" can bring.

October: Add Value

It's not enough to just cheerlead other people's ideas. If life should be fun, and I think it should, I also need to make my own mark on the world and add onto discussions and collaborations. I need to "Yes And."

In October, I'm going to play my way more collaborative by saying "and" and "and we could..." and then adding all sorts of contributions when I interact with others.

It's just not enough to say yes. This month, I'm adding my own thoughts too.

November: Embrace Mistakes

You might not think that embracing mistakes is going to lead you to a fun-filled new year, but I definitely think it will.

This month, I'm going to be playing my way shameless. That's right--shameless.

I'm not going to let mistakes hold me back, define me, or make me self-conscious.

That means I'm going to practice reframing my past mistakes and not pretending that mistakes aren't all the time.

That's right. Mistakes are constantly happening. Because we're humans. Fallible.

So let's practice getting comfy with our foibles and flaws, so we can start making big choices and having more fun.

December: Make Big Choices

And just like that, another year ends. And it's time to show everyone that life can be fun by making some big old choices and living loud.

We've played our way from getting more mindful in January all the way to being brave and bold and making big choices in December. By defying the wisdom of Chanel, breaking out of our routines, and just generally starting to have preferences and opinions, we're going to end the year bolder and more decisiony than we began it.

Life should be Fun: My Final Thoughts

Here's to a more fun new year. Because that's what it's about. Life should be fun. And so should your resolutions.<br />
Happy New Year!</p>
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I'm still going to try my damnedest to exercise more, drink way more water, and meditate here and there, but that's not my main resolution. In fact, I'm not making those resolutions at all. If I start 'em in April or August, I'm not mad at myself. I'll get to it when I get to it.

What I am going to integrate into my life starting January 1st is the goal to use play to become more mindful, joyous, and connected each and every day.

I'm going to go slow and focus on one lesson per month. And each month's lesson will build off the last, so that by the end of the year, I'm more present and connected than I am now.

And then I'll do it all over again next year.

Because playfully working on my mindset and interpersonal skills is a lifelong kinda thing.

I'm just getting started.

I hope you'll join me and play your way sane this year instead of joining a gym and then bailing after of couple weeks. I've seen it all before.

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I'll keep you updated on which lessons we're on and what everyday game we're currently playing throughout the year.

And you can also join me on Instagram. Just #playyourwaysane and show me pictures and videos of you playing your way more mindful, joyous, and connected as another year rolls by.

Happy New Year!

Let's make it a fun one!